Architectural Design

INVA Architect LTD was founded in 2007 as an independent architectural and engineering office. In our company, together with two architectural designer founders, a total of 15 architects, 5 building engineers, 5 engineers work in small groups and different projects.

Interior Design

Interior design defines how we feel ourseves when we enter a building. This is why we think it is the key element of planning. During the cooperation, we costumize the design to the needs of the client and to the future function of the building. Custom design allows us to coordinate every piece of the project, starting from the materials, all the way to the furnishing. We suuport our plans with 3D renderings for better understanding. Our projects cover mostly public and residential builgins and interior buildings and interior of hotels and offices.


For a project to be successful and to be able to use all the benefits that BIM can offer, one of the first and definitely the most essential step is to create a proper 3D model through a well outlined modeling technique and methodology that focuses on construction as it happens on the site.