Architectual Design V2

Architectural Design

INVA Architect LTD was founded in 2007 as an independent architectural and engineering office. In our company, together with two architectural designer founders, a total of 15 architects, 5 building engineers, 5 engineers work in small groups and different projects.

We strive for the implementation of custom tailored solutions in architectural design. Our design are realized by the diverse architectural tools that are tailored to the needs of our customers and are adopted to our needs. The assessment, processing and, if necessary the optimization of the needs underlying the architectural design, interior design and the design concept are carried out in a concentrated cooperation between the designers of the client and the lead architect of the office. We are working on a server-based computer platform, designs are made primarily with ArchiCad, SketchUp, V-ray and 3ds Max.


  • Architectural design and consulting
  • Interior design planning and consulting
  • Preparation of building surveys and drawings
  • Exhibition and installation planning
  • Engineering design and drawing
  • Installation and town planning
  • Modeling, visualization and animation.