Bim V2

Shop drawings

For a successful project and to be able to use all the benefits that BIM can offer one of the first and definitely the most essential step is to create a proper 3D model through a special modeling technique and methodology that focuses on construction…

Our design orders are realized by the diverse architectural tools that are tailored to the needs of our customers and are adopted to our needs. The assessment, processing and, if necessary the optimization of the needs underlying the architectural design and the design concept are carried out in a concentrated cooperation between the designers of the client and the officeleader architect. We are working on a server-based computer platform. Designs are made primarily with the ArchiCad design program.

  • Design drawings

    As part of our services (shop) drawings can be created at any point during a project’s lifecycle. Maintaining continuous communication with our client, we can provide high quality, well designed and clear 2D documentation focusing on the specified needs, without any unnecessary information. This process can support the design phases while model and drawings can develope simultaneously.

  • Construction drawings

    As a result of the BIM process a high quality model has been created that adopted all the changes throughout the design phases, contains all the necessary modifications for avoiding conflicts between different trades and disciplines, reflects all the project specific needs and represents quantities in accordance with the LOD. This model therefore can be used for creating the most accurate plans, sections, details etc, as a further assistance in the field or proposedly, even before. Since these drawings are fully 3D model based and only the required 2D symbols are added, updating the model will have immediate effect on these documents.

  • Survey drawings

    In many cases it is necessary to understand as-built conditions for renovation projects. Even if we want to calculate quantities for demolition or quality check work in place, redesign the rooms or all the buildings, the survey drawings are an approprite support for our jobs. They can be part of the 3D model or a separated documentation of the existing condition of the buildings.