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Point Cloud

What is a point cloud?
Renovation, refurbishment, expansion and facility management – these are the most common fields where point clouds are used.

This service works with the latest technology of the survey methods. Point clouds are produced by 3D laser scanners, which measure the surfaces of objects and create a set of points in 3D to recreate the geometry.

If you have a property that needs to be scanned, our partner Trimble Inc. can help you out with the survey  process. If you already have the scan data, we can do the point cloud registration and model all type of existing elements in the field to assist your further design.

Structural, Architectural and MEP modeling

Point cloud is the best basis for designing an addition/expansion or for planning renovation. More often than not design drawings do not reflect the as built state of the existing conditions – exact position of structural elements, final size of openings, deviation from original design during construction. Have it scanned and we will be able to provide the exact structural and architectural background model for your new design, minimizing the number of surprises waiting for you in the field.

Scan data does not necessarily have to address one building. Larger projects might need to establish building positions, site conditions, or have to deal with the neighbouring area in a specific way. Modeling these elements using point clouds is also part of our profile.

From time to time engineering utilities change in a building for various reasons. Be it a function change, an upgrade because of increasing demand or just the need to keep up with the latest standard, having a detailed scan taken of your existing MEP elements (piping, equipment) helps tremendously. Using to these scans we can locate and model all sleeves, connection points, equipment and needed clearances beside creating your existing systems.