Bim V2


MEP – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
Our BIM services help MEP professionals to design, coordinate and document MEP systems. 3D model-based BIM process makes projects more transparent, aid design and speeds up project delivery, reduce and resolve clashes during design to avoid constructability issues on site.

Our work includes the conversion of the 2D documents into a 3D Building Information Model. (according to Level of Detail (LOD) standards) We also run clash detection and coordinate 3D models by trades based on MEP design drawings or client provided design models.  You can use our model on your coordination meetings, for your estimation or checking precision of construction by hololens.

After coordination of the MEP systems we create 2D annotated layout drawings for construction and Spool drawings for fabrication purposes.

Benefits of BIM in MEP

  • Faster workflow
  • Transparent work
  • Reduce number of clashes between the MEP systems
  • More efficient coordination
  • Better design decisions
  • Reduce number of constructibility issues
  • 3D model-based Spool drawings help faster work on the construction site

Our services

  • Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D BIM model by trades
  • Develop 3D model of existing MEP system according to Laser Scan
  • Clash Detection of MEP systems
  • Coordination of MEP systems
  • Creating Spool drawings for Fabrication (according to Level of Detail LOD standards)